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Cooking with Love

Love is in the air and the aroma freshly baked bread sweeps the kitchen. A couple, armed with aprons and smiles are ready for a lesson of a lifetime.


If you’re swooning over that mental picture then you’re the students I’m looking for to share an evening of fun and delicious treats. This Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart an exciting cooking class. Choose from one of the choices below:


  • Cookie Decorating Class: Make the iconic “Conversation Hearts”

  • Cornish Hen Roast for 2: Choose a Cuisine: Italian, Asian, BBQ, American, French

  • Sweet Bread: Advanced Class, Try your Hand at my Yummy Honey Buns!

  • Pasta, Pasta for 2: Fresh Tortellini’s in a Beef Bolognese Sauce


Classes are held at the client's home with full access to tools, and equipment such as the stove, etc. Before service, clients must complete forms and pay for services via PayPal. Price includes cost of groceries, lesson and clean-up.

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