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Where we transform what's in your Pantry and Fridge into Gourmet Meals.

Take the guessing out of your meals.

Q & A


What's a Family-Style meal?

Family-Style includes one pot meals like stews, lasagna, etc., or any large portioned dish. If it isn't a one-pot meal, the dish will include an entrée and 2 sides. (Appetizers, Desserts, etc. will be considered an additional meal. (Side salads are excluded from this deal, it will be classified as an additional meal))

How many people will these meals serve?

In most cases, it will serve at least double the occupants paid for.

Do I need any special tools or equipment?

You will need to have basic cooking utensils, pots/pans, tools, and appliances. Having baking pans (ex. lasagna pan) reusable or disposable on hand will also be very helpful. Owning additional appliances like an air-fryer or slow-cooker will increase your menu options.

What if I want a particular meal, but don't have the ingredients for it?

Chef will craft a meal utilizing the ingredients you have on hand, or you can choose to go and purchase the items needed for the meal, if doable. *Please consult Chef*

I don't want repeats. Can I get smaller meals with more options?

If you'd like a larger variety of meals, try out our Meal-Plan option or traditional In-Home Services. Gourmet Pantry supplies up to 5 Family-Style Meals at the prices quoted above. 

How can I get a refund?

Refunds are subject to TTD's Terms & Conditions. If the service has been provided, then refunds are not available. If cancellation happens after Chef has driven to the location, then refund will exclude the fuel fee.

How long will cooking take?

Cooking times will vary depending on the meal.

I loved the last batch of meals! Can I get the same thing again?

If you still have the same ingredients, yes, you can get the same meals. 

I will be working from home, can I still get this service?

Yes. inform the Chef about this and a plan will be set in place for meals to be crafted while you work with as little disturbance to you as possible.

Is there a way for me to save more?

Every 10 referrals with at least 1 booking within each batch of referrals will save you 1% off of your cost. (To the excess of 10%) Be sure to inform your referrals to use your Full Name to describe who referred them when booking. (More rewards for bookings due to referrals will be gifted at Chef Aneva's discretion.)

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How it Works


1 Person - Flat Fee includes Labor and Fuel Fee - $ 120

2 Persons - Flat Fee includes Labor and Fuel Fee - $180

3 - 4 Persons - Flat Fee includes Labor and Fuel Fee - $240

5 - 6 Persons - Flat Fee includes Labor and Fuel Fee - $300

Person count includes children, doesn't include infants or toddlers.

We take what you already have in your fridge and pantry and turn it into gourmet meals for your family, charging you a flat fee your pockets can handle. 

The Family-Style meals can be divided and frozen by the client. Gourmet Pantry comes with up to 5 Meals (Limited ingredients/groceries will effect meal count ). Chef will arrive 30 to 1 hour early to access the ingredients and craft a menu. Once the menu is created, Chef will prepare the meals and store them in the fridge. The client is responsible for portioning the meals for persons in family and/or breakfast/lunch/dinner. 

Here are the items that Gourmet Pantry by TTD will be able to work with. 

Canned/Jarred Items:

 Fruit, tomatoes, beans, seafood (tuna, salmon, etc.), sauces (enchilada, tomato, cranberry), salad dressing, condiments, coconut milk, purees (tomato, pumpkin, etc.), olives, chilies/peppers, pimentos, milk (condensed, evaporated, etc.), artichokes, hearts of palm, pickles, and Jackfruit.


Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

(Will not use frozen pre-fabricated meals, [French fries, nuggets, TV dinners, etc.]) 

Frozen Meats:

 Sausage, Hamburger, Hotdog, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, and Seafood

Fresh Produce:

Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits

Fresh Meats/Seafood:

Poultry, Beef, Seafood, Lamb, Pork

Dry Foods:

Flours, sugars, pastas, rice, beans, etc.

Bottled Ingredients:

Oils, Juices, Milk, Spices, etc. 

Other/Alternative Foods:

Wonton/Eggroll Skins, Tofu, Impossible Meat, Vegan Meat and Cheese Substitutes, GF Substitutes, Sugar Replacements (Stevia, Monkfruit, etc.)

Gourmet Pantry

Includes Fuel & Labor Costs

2 Persons Package

Gourmet Pantry

Includes Fuel & Labor Costs

Gourmet Pantry

Includes Fuel & Labor Costs

1 Person Package

3/4 Persons Package

5/6 Persons Package

Gourmet Pantry

Includes Fuel & Labor Costs

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