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French Toast Bites

What is more delicious, more satisfying than sweet and hot French toast bites? Well, I'm not sure myself. I created a fantastic recipe that is rich and packed with flavor. No matter who your preparing this for, I can guarantee they'll be thanking and praising you for months to come. So, now that you're excited and ready to start, go ahead and click on the video below!


French Toast Bites



1 Egg

1/4 C Condensed Milk

3/4 C Heavy Cream

1/2 t Vanilla Extract

1/2 t Cinnamon

1/4 t Nutmeg

2 T Butter or Margarine for cooking.

Blackberry Syrup/ Compote



1/2 C Frozen Blackberry

1/4 C Water

1/2 t Vanilla Extract

1 t Lemon Juice

1 T Lemon Zest

1/4 t Cardamom

1/4 C Sugar

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