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Pass the Seasoning

Many don’t know the power that lies within a plant, it carries the seed of potential to turn into flavorful meal. Around the world people have tasted the knowledge of what it is to utilize what’s available and make something amazing. Take chilies, out of a need of preservation, the people dried them, crushed them and flavored dishes that otherwise would have not been as delicious. So, what do you have available to you?

Salt and Pepper

I’ve seen many home cooks and chefs take salt and pepper and create a meal. I’m guilty of this as well and although there’s nothing wrong with that, you find the very same meal could have climbed from good to extraordinary. Don’t be afraid to try new things. One thing I tell my students is to use their nose to help them. Scent and taste are very much connected. Smell your food and then your seasoning and see if they marry well. If not, set them aside and try another. Another tip, to go beyond these two staples is, mirror your seasonings with your aromatics. If you have onions and garlic in your dish, add the dry version as well, it helps enhance the dish.

Now, am I saying there is some magical formula that will work for every situation? No, because with cooking, there is always an exploration, another mystery to be solved.

Cross the borders

The beauty of this country is that we have so many amazing foods from all over the

world at the tips of our fingers. Take advantage of that. Don’t be afraid to mix African flavors with Asian, or Middle Eastern with Spanish. Why? It’s amazing how crazy the very things we believe are opposites melds so well. That is one thing I found I do very well, fusion. Step outside of the box and discover the possibilities.

Unsuspected Combos!

Chocolate and Bacon

Grapes and Cheese

Poultry and Nuts

Coconut and Shrimp

Cheese Sauce and Nutmeg

Some of these things sound normal to us, but remember someone had to discover this. Someone had to take two or more opposites and bring them to the same flavor party. Go explore! Create your own signature mix. Throw your comfort to the side and walk into an unsuspected powerhouse!

What are some of your favorite unsuspected combos? Share below!

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