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Chef Aneva Walker

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Aneva discovered her passion for cooking at the age of seven. Learning the basics from her mother, she fell in love and from then on made it her mission to discover more about the art. Money wasn’t plentiful and after high school graduation, Aneva’s dream to go to culinary school was delayed for two years. In that time she studied, practiced, and worked hard to achieve her goal. With the assistance of the Institution’s scholarship, Aneva was able to attend her dream school, the famed Le Cordon Bleu.


Aneva Walker, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu with over a decade of experience, is moving forward into even bigger dreams. After training under some of the finest chef instructors including Master Chef Klaus, many restaurant jobs opened up for her. She worked various positions through her career journey from dishwasher, prep cook and assistant chef to barista, expediter and assistant manager and mostly everything in between. Her career brought her through the doors of bakeries and restaurants alike, allowing her to hone her craft at breads, cakes and pastries as well as savory delights across various cuisines. She was honored with the Private Chef Award in 2017 by the Wealth and Finance Business Magazine. No matter where she was, her goal remained the same, to bring the experience of delectable food to her customers.


Even till this day, Aneva continues to learn and grow in her culinary craft. She finds time to share the joy of cooking with friends, family and strangers alike. If you ask her what makes cooking so enticing she’ll tell you, “It is the service, the art and the reaction of my customers, which makes me come back daily.” But Aneva isn’t just a Culinarian, she’s also an Associate Producer for Gardner Doolittle Films, a writer and all around creative mastermind.

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