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Helping Hands Food  Program

Healthier Food for Homeless/Needy Families

Why Does it Matter?

Most people believe food is food, so the thought of someone eating overly processed food with unhealthy additives isn't a deal breaker.


 But as time goes by and new health studies emerge, we find out how important it is for us to eat less processed food and more fresh produce, meats, and whole grains. It can prolong our life and combat against diseases. Those without the means to do what we now know is right will face the effects we are so conscious to avoid.

How it Works

Here are the Details

Contact us using "Helping Hands" as the Subject line. To place an order you can choose meals from our menu below or opt for the Chef's Choice. The Chef will choose meals for you according to the donation amount. In the body of your message insert your donation amount and desired menu items.

Donation amounts have to be one of the listed prices on the menu below. The menu shows how many people your donation will feed. 

All food is prepared fresh and delivered to the Hope Again Care Center. Families will get to enjoy the meals you've so generously contributed to providing. 


Hope Again Care Center is located in Winchester VA but out of state donations are encouraged as well.


You can choose to remain anonymous or be featured in our weekly shout-outs. Your first name and last initial will be featured across our social media as one of our Helping Hands Meal Donators. 

Donations are tax deductible. All payments come with an itemized receipt from Taste the Difference. All payments are done through PayPal.

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About our Partner

Hope Again Care Center

Hope Again Care Center is a ministry within Winchester Church of God. It is run by the esteemed Pastor Kent Woodward. 

The Hope Again Care Center serves an average of 360 families in need. They provide food assistance, prayer, guidance, and hope. 

To learn more about this ministry visit their website here.

Helping Hands Menu

Meal items that are repeated by multiple givers will be swapped out for other available menu items. This will give families a variety of food to enjoy. Thank you for your generosity! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see your money at work.

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