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Personal Chef/Catering


Why is a Personal Chef more expensive?

Unlike a restaurant, a Personal Chef works directly with the client and manages each facet of every role that would usually be dispersed among many individuals. You will get not only a customized menu to fit your specific needs or desires, but delivery or in-home preparation. Food cost, delivery/distance fee, and labor are all accounted for within the final pricing.


Will you have other clients on the same day as my event?

Sometimes Chef Aneva will have multiple clients in one day based on the complexity and duration of the event. With that in mind, the times agreed to for the event start/end will be honored.


I have a big event and would like Chef Aneva to be at my disposal for the day. Can I do that?

Talk to Chef Aneva prior to your event to make sure no other clients are booked for that day. If no other clients fall on that day, you may be able to book Chef Aneva for the extended time needed at an additional cost.


I want services but at a discounted price. Can we come to a deal?

Everyone loves a great deal. While our pricing is calculated to give you the best price possible here are some areas where pricing is reduced.

  •  Holiday Delivery Menu contains lower prices due to seasonal grocery deals.

  • Helping Hands Program provides meals for Homeless and Needy Families with reduced to no labor cost included in pricing.

  • Discounted Pricing is available at 30% for Non-Profits and at 10% for Select Partnered Companies.

  • Gourmet Pantry, we use the ingredients you have to create your meals for $150*.

Keep your eye out for promotional deals by Subscribing to our Mailing List and Following us across Social Media. 

How big are the portion sizes? Will I have leftovers?

TTD's portion sizes are closely sized to European standards. There are some occasions in which there could be leftovers, but this is NOT to be expected.

Can we order larger portions?

Absolutely! For plated meals, you can receive larger portions for an additional fee. See PRICING  for more details.



Is Secret Indulgence an outsource bakery?


No, Secret Indulgence is a part of Taste the Difference by Chef Aneva.


Is your bakery located locally?

No, we do not currently have a Store Front Bakery for you to visit. Our bakery is operated in the same way as our Personal Chef Delivery Services.


Can you make cakes?

Yes, Chef Aneva has spent several years working in bakeries across many states. Cakes for Birthdays to Weddings are all available for order.


Do I have to order separately for baked goods and Personal Chef Services?

No, if the baked goods are for your event, they will be included in your customized menu.

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